Adventure beckons. (1)
Perfect for you if this is your first-time or if you are a young camper!
You will explore how Big God is while interacting in nature and with other people.
You will stay two or five nights in a cabin with children of the same age and gender under the caring supervision of a dedicated Christian staff member.
You will swim, canoe, kayak, play games, enjoy Bible study, and much, much more.
 $250 (Early Bird Price)     $275 (Full Price)  per camper  (2 nights)
 $425 (Early Bird Price)     $450 (Full Price)  per camper  (full week)
(Full week is optional –please be sure to indicate both camps A and B on the registration form.)
July 7 - 9 (#101A); July 10 – 12 (#101B);
July 14 – 16 (#102A); July 17 – 19 (#102B)
July 21 – 23 (#103A); July 24 – 26 (#103B);
July 28 – 30 (#104A); July 31 – August 2 (#104B)
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7 weeks
Our mission is to provide a hands on learning experience in a safe environment.
Learn your way around the kitchen, discover the importance of nutrition while expressing yourself through your dishes. Learn the art of Dutch oven cooking over a camp fire. 
(Space is limited to 12 campers per week.)
 $470 (Early Bird Price)     $495 (Full Price)  per camper 
July 7 - 12 (#401) July 21 - 26 (#403)
Adventure beckons. (13)
Packed with lots of fun, fellowship and Bible study, this camp will give you a chance to explore the questions:
How Big is God? What if hope is real? Can I make a difference in the world?
You will also enjoy swimming, canoeing, kayaking, field games, crafts and more.
 $425 (Early Bird Price)    $450 (Full Price)   per camper 
July 7 - 12 (#201); July 14 – 19 (#202);
July 21 – 26 (#203); July 28 - August 2 (#204)
Adventure beckons. (2)
This camp will teach you practical woodworking skills so that you can make something with your very own hands.
You will learn valuable carpentry skills such as measuring, sawing, drilling, and sanding.
(Space is limited to 12 campers.)
 $470 (Early Bird Price)    $495 (Full Price)  per camper
July 21 - 26 (#303)
Adventure beckons. (3)
Stretch your creative muscles!
Open your eyes to your own creative potential, and explore different mediums to make all kinds of arts and crafts.
In between making your creations, you can experience other camp activities like swimming, canoeing and much more. (Space is limited to 10 campers per week.)
 $470 (Early Bird Price)    $495 (Full Price)   per camper 
July 7 - 12 (#901); July 28 – August 2 (#904)
Adventure beckons. (10)
Combining fun activities with scripture, fellowship and open discussion, you will be able to explore BIG questions like:
How big is God? Can I change the world? Is hope for real?
In addition, you will reconnect with friends, build new friendships and grow with God.
 $470 (Early Bird Price)    $495 (Full Price)   per camper
July 7 - 12 (#501); July 14 – 19 (#502);
July 21 – 26 (#503); July 28 – August 2 (#504)
Adventure beckons. (14)
Leaders in Training camp is a week long program initiative aimed at providing quality leadership education, mentoring and training for young people who are:
(1) potential candidates for summer staff positions at Camp Pee Dee in the future; and (2) desiring opportunities to learn, lead and grow in their calling as Christ’s Disciples.
 $470 (Early Bird Price)    $495 (Full Price)   per camper 
July 7 – 12 (#601)

Adventure beckons. (4)

high ropes 2

Come along with us on a thrill-seeking on and off-site journey of excitement as we canoe on the Great Pee Dee River, conquer the high ropes challenge course; embrace a day at US National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, NC, and more.

As we embark on this adventure, you will also discover how God’s endless love launches amazing adventures (Space is limited to 15 campers.)

 $650 (Early Bird Price)     $675 (Full Price)  per camper

July 21 - 26 (#703)


Take advantage of the early bird registration discount of $25. Registration forms with a $100 non-refundable deposit must be recieved or postmarked by April 8, 2019 to get the savings. 


10% Per Camper


Bring a friend that has not been to Camp Pee Dee within the last three years.

Each of you will get a special gift from the camp store when you get to camp. 

Adventure beckons. (5)
Camp Pee Dee’s day camp program is a week full of fun activities in a beautiful outdoor setting where you experience, faith, fun and friends. With our exceptional staff and highly active programming, you can’t get enough of the time you spend at camp.
 $250 (Early Bird Price)  $275 (Full Price)    per camper
July 7-12 (#801); July 14-19 (#802);
July 21-26 (#803); July 28 – August 2 (#804)


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