Meeting Spaces
The Retreat Center offers a large facility for groups needing space that accommodates up to 200 people, 40 people or 20 people. There is also a small kitchenette with a sink, ice machine, microwave, and refrigerator. In addition, one of the greatest features of the Retreat Center is the large covered porch that offers a peaceful view of the outdoors while relaxing in a rocking chair. The Retreat Center is fully heated and air-conditioned to allow for the most comfortable stay possible. It also houses the Camp Office. 


Lodging and Cabins

We have twelve cabins, three rustic cabins and nine cabins that have been renovated and offer very comfortable amenities. The more modern cabins are split in half with three bunked beds on one side and two on the other with a lockable door separating the sides. There is a bathroom and shower located on each side of the cabin. There is also a Kitchen Cabin grouped in with Cabins 1-4 and 9-12. They too have been renovated. Camp Grounds are also available. 

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