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            The summer of 2017 was my first summer at Camp Pee Dee Retreat Center and I was blessed with the opportunity of a lifetime - to be a camp counselor to a spectacular group of young people.

            Upon receiving my job I had this description in my head of what being a camp counselor at a Christian camp would look like: first priority is to keep the children safe, play games with them, sing campfire songs, make s’mores, dance to fun energizers every day, and teach them about God’s love.

            While all of this still came to be, I was shocked by how much I gained during my time as a camp counselor.

            I became a student during certain moments – learning from fellow staff members, supervisors, and volunteers. Some of us talk all the time and they are still teaching me things to this day; we are all on the same walk of life and that has bonded us together for eternity.

            What I did not expect was to learn so much from the campers – especially things that I will carry with me forever. They taught me how to play four square, how to melt the marshmallow just right for the perfect s'more, the hand motions to Peace like a River, to set aside my fear of heights and the courage to stand tall. Most importantly they taught me how to see the love of God through their eyes – they showed me how God sees our fears and gives us the courage to stand through them, how to be there for another person, how to love and forgive someone even if they do something to hurt you.

            I learned to see God through the eyes of a child again and for that, I am forever grateful for Camp Pee Dee.



            Last Published: May 25, 2018 11:04 AM
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