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            Having been a camper at Camp Pee Dee for so long, I always left camp feeling restored in my faith, having a new group of great friends, leaving with memories that have always stuck with me and feeling so happy and incredibly blessed. I am still to this day friends with people I met my first year at Camp Pee Dee as a shy little 8-year-old. 

            I am now a first year college student and away from home for the first time WITHOUT supervision! Much of what I have learned through my family, my church, and through friends and leaders of Camp Pee Dee is the importance of faith, character and integrity.  Peer pressure is real, especially in college and as a young adult.  I am constantly faced with situations that require me to make choices.  Those choices are easier because of the foundation that has been laid. 

            I am grateful for every moment I have spent at Camp Pee Dee and for becoming a young follower of Christ. - Miyah 

            Last Published: May 25, 2018 11:19 AM
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